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How long will it take for my car to be tinted?

Every car is different, so the time taken does vary, but an average 5 door hatchback will take around 3 hours.
SUVs slightly longer and a 3 door hatchback slightly quicker.

Can the film ever be removed?

Yes, it can be professionally removed cleanly, even after many years.

Does Tinting change the Value of my car?

Professionally tinting a car could increase the cars resale value and desirability.

How long does the tint last?

Forever! Because of the quality of our tint, we offer a lifetime warranty!

How dark am I legally aloud to go?

As dark as you like on the rear windows, even limo! The front windows is where the law comes into play... they have to let through 70% of light.

I’ve seen cars with purple tint; is that what window tint looks like?

No, cheap window tint gives a purple shade because of the dye. Ours will be black and will look professional just like factory tint.

Can tinting help with Skin Cancer?

Tinted windows can reduce 99% of harmful UV rays and research shows that a UV-protection film can reduce sun damage by 93%. This helps reduce the risk of skin cancer while driving. 

 Can you tint factory tinted windows?

Yes no problem! We use the exact same process we do for non-tinted windows and the factory tint remains.

Can’t I buy tint off eBay and install it myself?

Sure you can, but by the time you’ve found some half decent tint off eBay and then spent hours pulling your hair out trying to get it to fit and fit without bubbles and creases, you may as well just give us a call and relax while we do the job professionally for you.

does Tinting affect the car?

No, professional tinting film leaves no trace on the car. 

How Do you tint big windows?

All rear windows are fitted with one piece of tint, we heat shrink to shape. 

​Can Tinting help with regulating the temperature of the car?

During the summer season the tint can reduce up to 70% of heat and keep you cool.

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